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Gary Love named New County Officer for Veterans

Gary Love named New County Officer for Veterans



Greetings! I recently took over the helm as the Dubois County Veteran Service Officer from Ms. Amber Harris.  As I settle into my new role and get to know the position I thought it was appropriate to send a letter of introduction to the Dubois County clubs and organizations affiliated with military Veterans!  I am a 25 year Veteran of the Army National Guard who served on active duty for 18-1/2 years before retiring in
2012. I spent 19 years in the enlisted ranks before commissioning as a Second Lieutenant in March 2007. The final  6 years of my service were spent in the Officer Corps. I am a combat Veteran having served in support of Operation  Iraqi Freedom 07-009. The highest enlisted rank I held was Sergeant First Class and the highest officer rank was  Captain. I have been married to my lovely wife, Angie, for 29 years. I have two sons, Travis (age 25) and Kade  (age 20).

Over a decade of my military career was spent in the recruiting and retention command. This part of my career taught me a great deal about taking care of Soldiers which is something I have never stopped doing. Even in  retirement, I receive calls from former Soldiers who are looking for help with VA claims, Military Retirements, etc.  I take a lot of pride in helping Soldiers no matter the time commitment involved.

Most of my time since military retirement was spent in the transportation and logistics industry. After 9 years in this area, I decided it was time for a change so I began looking for something I was passionate about. And, lucky for me, this opportunity presented itself so I went for it. I cannot tell you how excited and pumped I am to get to spend time with my brothers and sisters in arms. As you may or may not know, this role is part-time with hours of  operation on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday (0800 – 1600). These limited hours will not stop me from volunteering my time to meet you and your organizations after hours. Whatever it takes to meet the needs of our

Thanks for your help as I put together my short-term, mid-term, and long-term goals for this position. As information from your organization arrives I will begin to put together an initial strategy then share it with each organization.

Very Respectfully,
Gary M. Love
812.639.3789 (Cell)
812.481.7090 (Office)

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