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Mayor of Huntingburg State of the City Address

Mayor of Huntingburg State of the City Address



State of the City
As we have started a new year and I have been in office just a short time, it’s hard for me to comment on so many things that were done for the City during this past year. But I can comment on what I know. Most citizens only know about the things they can see. I was one of those. I was one that asked questions about why or why not something was either done or not done. And as your new Mayor, I will continue to ask those same questions. But from a different perspective. Knowing the reason behind those questions and answers certainly allows me to make decisions based
on things other than someone just thinking it needs to be done with noaccountability for why, and or how. It also must not only make sense to do it, but it must be affordable without raising taxes more than necessary, if at all.  I came into the office knowing little about running a City, but through my years in management, knowing that whatever is done, needs to follow the guidelines of:  Facts, Figures and Results. Is it something we need? What is the cost? Will it benefit the City? Can we afford it? Is it something we can’t afford to not do? Do we look at improving our streets? Sure, but can we Improve every street at the same time? No. What about our downtown area? Can we do more to improve the appearance of the facades of and/or the buildings themselves that are below standards for a City of our distinction? Sure, we can, but not all at the same time.
What about parking? Can we add additional parking and improve alleyways so that people coming to our city feel comfortable walking to their destinations in the downtown area? Sure, just not all at once!

For all the great things that have been accomplished in our City over the years, much more can still be done. And I will be looking at just that. But I’ll be looking at it from not just the standpoint of why or why not it’s being done, but from the standpoint of what’s most important, what it’s going to cost us, the citizens of Huntingburg, and in doing so, will it give us the best results for what its intended for? I’ll always put the City first in any decision.  As I approach my first 60 days in office, although many projects were in the works before me, we are already in the process of starting new projects towards improving streets and parks, purchase and selling of property that will benefit everyone, as well as expanding and improving our water system and wastewater system to make sure we are looking towards future growth.  The virus has affected all of us regarding what we can or can’t do, but I look forward to the coming year with hope that we will all soon be back to a normal lifestyle. I
promise to work hard with more ideas, improvements, events and benefits to you, the citizens of our city. To continue working with our corporate businesses as well as our downtown small businesses to fill empty buildings, to work together with our Latino community to build even better relationships, and just as important, to get our youth more involved and assisting us with working towards what is important for their future needs. We all are in this together. The City Council, former Mayor Spinner, and City staff all have worked hard to make this a great City. And I will continue to work hard along with them to make sure we continue making it even better – “A City Like No Other!”
Thank you and God Bless!
Steve Schwinghamer,

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