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Jasper VU and Patoka Valley Career Center will be Launching 2 Indiana State Earn and Learn (SEAL) programs.

Jasper VU and Patoka Valley Career Center will be Launching 2 Indiana State Earn and Learn (SEAL) programs.


he Indiana Office of Work-Based Learning and Apprenticeship (OWBLA), along with participating partners, will officially certify two Certified State Earn and Learn (SEAL) programs at Jasper VU and Patoka Valley Career Center. These SEALs include Automation and Robotics and Construction Trades.

SEALs are structured, but flexible, programs that include both education and on-the-job training components. SEALs focus on employer needs, with sustainable partnerships and embedded industry certifications. They can last from weeks to years depending on employer, education, certification, or licensing requirements, and are designed to develop the skills that employers seek. Certified State Earn and Learn programs are geared toward both adult and youth populations and are available in almost any business or industry sector.

The OWBLA will be certifying two SEAL programs that include multiple employer partners that provide opportunities for students to work and learn through internships and summer employment opportunities. Students in each program also earn industry-recognized credentials through Career and Technical Education (CTE) coursework and college credit through Vincennes University.

Here are a few quotes about these programs:

  • CTE Director Jared Howard said: “Both the Construction Trades and Automation and Robotics program provide a relevant learning experience for our students, while providing our local employers with a pipeline of future employees.  This program is a huge win for everyone involved.  Thank you to VUJ, Habitat for Humanity, the Dubois County Builders Association, and our local industry for your partnership!  This program is a success because of our great partners.”

  • VU Director Jacob Berg said: “We are very fortunate to live in a community that values teamwork.   The Construction Trades Program and Automation Robotics Academy are a direct result of the high level of collaboration that is taking place in our local area.   When Industry and education partner to meet workforce needs, we are all winners!  I am proud of the partnership between VUJ and Patoka Valley Cooperative.  Our SEAL programs offer students the opportunity to gain high school credit, college credit, and real world experience while saving money and building a resume.

    High school students are earning college credits that stack directly into Associates Degree programs.   These SEAL programs also provide the opportunity for students to learn outside of the classroom as they work with local companies and gain real world experience.”

  • OWBLA Southern Regional Director – Jason Graves said: “I can’t describe what a pleasure it is working with Jarred Howard from the Patoka Valley Career Center and Jacob Berg from Jasper VU.  Both of these individuals are truly looking out for student’s best interests and have committed to offering comprehensive SEAL programs that benefit the community and local economy.  The strong partnership between VU and Patoka Valley is a great example for others to emulate, with the end goal of preparing students while in high school for success beyond high school.  I greatly enjoyed the true collaboration to get this Indiana State Earn and Learn designed, developed, certified and implemented, and I look forward to assisting in expansion of additional SEAL programs in the near future.”


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