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At least one local man likes this weather

At least one local man likes this weather


When it comes to winter and snow storms in southern Indiana, Jim McFaul doesn’t get too concerned.  On Tuesday he got out his cross country skis and ventured down a county road and did some laps on his property located outside of St. Anthony, Indiana. “The conditions were almost perfect. Enough snow base and temperatures hovering near 20 degrees,” McFaul states.

McFaul is not a stranger to winter and winter activities. A native of Watertown NY he played pick-up hockey on frozen playground lots converted to rinks and later as an adult learned to ski both downhill and cross country. McFaul says, “Living in northern NY, and in Buffalo NY and later in Michigan and Wyoming, it wasn’t unusual to average over 200 inches of snow during the winter season. You deal with it and try to enjoy the opportunities provided.”

McFaul retired from Vincennes University Jasper in January of last year after spending 19 years there as Director of Continuing Education. With stints at colleges in Wyoming, Indiana, and Michigan he and his family moved to Dubois County in 2000. Winters in southern Indiana are mild compared to the Rocky Mountains and the States that have lake effect snow storms on a regular basis. “Growing up in northern NY the snow piled so high in town people put little red balls on their car antennas so you could see them coming before you drove out into an intersection,” McFaul recalls.

When asked if he misses those tough winters, McFaul mentioned, “Not really. When it seems like you are clearing your driveway and sidewalks almost all the time for three months it gets old. But I do enjoy a nice snow storm once in a while.”

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