75th Anniversary of the End of World War II & A Special Piece of Music Honoring the Service of Indiana

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(NNDC)   From Naval History and Heritage Command, Communication and Outreach Division

Wednesday marks the 75th anniversary of the official end of hostilities in World War II when a delegation from the Empire of Japan came aboard battleship USS Missouri (BB 63) In Tokyo Bay to sign the instrument of surrender.

The war was one of the costliest in the history of warfare. Winning it required blood and treasure from across the nation. Indiana residents can take great pride in their contributions to the war effort. According to Indiana War Memorial more than 400,000 Hoosiers served in the war with nearly 12,000 of those making the ultimate sacrifice in the defense of freedom. In addition to that incredible legacy of service the state of Indiana served as a beacon of hope for all Americans through the exploits of notable ships that bore Hoosier names like battleship USS Indiana (BB 58), cruiser USS Indianapolis (CA 35), two cruisers named USS Vincennes (CA 44) and (CL 64), and many others.


One of those ships, BB-58, had a song written for it by the ship’s band entitled “Here Comes the Indiana.”  The music for that song was recently rediscovered by the U.S. Pacific Fleet Band in historical files. In honor of the end of World War II in the Pacific, they recorded a version of the song and set the tune to a series of photos highlighting the history of Battleship Indiana

Thank you to all Veterans for your service.