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Train Vs Car in Huntingburg, Car Looses, Thankfully No Injuries

Train Vs Car in Huntingburg, Car Looses, Thankfully No Injuries

Huntingburg (NNDC):

On Friday August 28, 2020 at approximately 4:00 PM the Huntingburg Police Department
responded to an accident at the intersection of State Road 64 and Van Buren Street involving two
vehicles with one vehicle disabled on the railroad tracks with an oncoming train. Officers with
the Huntingburg Police Department requested through Dubois County Communication Center to
request all rail traffic stop in an attempt to stop the train before striking the vehicle on the
railroad tracks, however the train was unable to be notified in time of the vehicle on the railroad
tracks and was struck by the train prior to Officers arrival.
Upon arrival it was learned that Maria Cruz was in a 2007 Chevrolet Impala stopped at the stop
sign in the southbound lane on Van Buren Street and failed to check eastbound direction of travel
for oncoming traffic. Cruz proceeded to travel south and when she entered the intersection a
2008 Chevrolet Cobalt driven by Melanie Boeglin was traveling eastbound on State Road 64 and
collided. After the initial accident, Cruz’s vehicle came to a stop on the railroad tracks while
there was an oncoming train. Cruz was able to get out of the vehicle prior to the train striking her
vehicle and pushing it approximately 15 feet off to the north side of the railroad tracks. During
the investigation of the accident the train shut down all railroad crossing in Huntingburg for
approximately 45 minutes. The eastbound lanes of travel on State Road 64 were shut down for
approximately 20 additional minutes once the train cleared the tracks for the removal of a vehicle
involved in the accident.
Minimal damage was done to the train engine that struck Cruz’s vehicle.

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