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Serious Trafic Delays Still Plague Middle and Elementary Schools UPDATED

Serious Trafic Delays Still Plague Middle and Elementary Schools UPDATED

Jasper (NNNDC):

Traffic delays for an hour or more plague traffic around the new Elementary and Middle Schools on the North side of Jasper. Residents on 41st could not even get of their driveways due to the backlog.

School officials are working on new procedures for picking students up in the afternoon.

The move comes after significant delays were reported on Wednesday.

Some parents reported long wait times on the first day of school; up to two hours to drop their kids off in some cases.

The lot was overloaded with nearly double the number of drop-offs than expected with many parents not wanting to send their kids on the bus due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The new revised pickup guidelines are outlined in the Schools press brief below.

What an exciting start to our school year!!!!!!Firstly, we appreciate all of you being so patient and understanding as we navigate a new school, COVID, over 900 students and our drop off and pick up procedures that we are still working to improve. ******PLEASE READ CAREFULLY******In car line you will be assigned a specific number. You will drive DIRECTLY to that number!!! PLEASE DO NOT STOP UNTIL YOU GET TO YOUR ASSIGNED SPOT. Your child will be brought to you at that point. This will help us speed up the process even more!! Thank you!!!!

As of Friday, things improving, not by a lot.

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