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Local Scout Distinguished Citizen Award Postponed This Year

Local Scout Distinguished Citizen Award Postponed This Year

Dubois County (NNDC):

The annual Dubois County Distinguished Citizen Award Sponsored by Lincoln Heritage Boy Scouts has been postponed until next year, however Scouting is still Strong in our community and we still need the public’s support.

Consequently we will still be asking our faithful sponsors to help us through this difficult time.

Scouting is still continuing strong even through virtual means and it is important for all involved to continue to support our youth in their growth to evolve into our leaders of tomorrow.

This decision was made due to concerns of having a large crowd in an inclosed place for an extended time during this pandemic. In an effort to keep the community safe, our local leadership has concluded this is the best course of action. Our current nominee has already been nominated and approved but his name will not be released to keep it a surprise for next year.

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