Dust from the Sahara to Impact Local Air Quality This Weekend

Indiana (NNDC):

Dust from the Sahara Desert in Africa will be impacting the air here in North America in several ways this weekend.

Experts say the U.S. is regularly impacted by clouds of dust from the Sahara once or twice a year. But, the cloud of dust that is heading this way this year is a little more intense than in year’s past.

Weather scientists confirm that the Saharan dust that is traveling across the Atlantic and it is now it’s in the Gulf of Mexico and is expected to travel a little further north into this weekend.

Far enough north to reach Indiana where it is likely to lead to poor air quality and residents are encouraged that anyone with respiratory problems or issues to be advised and plan accordingly.

Researchers say expect a milky looking sky, and it’s going to look a little hazy at times. Similar to what you might see when there is a lot of smoke or haze in the atmosphere.

Though that is a negative impact of the dust, there are several positives.

One cool thing we are going to be seeing are vibrant sunsets and sunrises is that the dust particles in the atmosphere, they’re going to scatter that light and we should be seeing some cool sunrises and sunsets.

And as long as the dust is in the atmosphere around North America that means there is less of a chance for powerful storms such as these to hit the U.S.