Fireworks Advisory

Dubois County (NNDC):

(Jasper, Indiana) – Jasper Fire Chief Kenny Hochgesang has issued information
regarding the safe and proper use of fireworks this Fourth of July.
“One thing fireworks users tend to forget is that they are responsible for where
fireworks are set off, where they go and the mess they leave behind”, says
Hochgesang. He asks residents to be respectful and courteous of their neighbors by
following the guidelines the State of Indiana has set for fireworks and to remember to
set a good example for your neighborhood by cleaning up all debris left behind after
discharging fireworks. “Be safe, and please be careful!”
The chief reminds citizens of state laws pertaining to the use of fireworks:
 Fireworks may be used:
o Only on the user’s property
o On the property of someone who has consent to their use on that property
o At a special discharge location
 Consumer fireworks may only be used as follows:
o July 4: 9AM to Midnight
o Other days: 9am to 11pm