Hoosier History Highlights June 14 – 20th

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June 14 – June 20

The Week in Indiana History


June 14 is FLAG DAY

Home1867     The Soldiers’ and Sailors’ Home opened in Knightstown.  The institution became home to not only disabled military veterans, but also their widows and children.  The facility is now the base for the Indiana National Guard Hoosier Youth Challenge Academy.


1883     Calla Harrison became the first woman to graduate from Hanover College.  Women had attended classes at Hanover as early as 1869, but she was the first to graduate with a diploma.  She went on to serve as a missionary in Japan and later worked with Japanese immigrants in Hawaii.

tent1906     The new Army post in Indianapolis was officially named for President Benjamin Harrison, who had died five years earlier.  The designation came at the suggestion of Harrison’s son, Russell, and the approval of President Theodore Roosevelt, who had worked in the Harrison administration.  The official announcement came from Secretary of War William Howard Taft.

airplane1930     The official dedication ceremony was held for the Evansville Municipal Airport.  The facility was built on 260 acres along Highway 41.  Concrete runways were 100 feet wide and 1,200 feet long.  Over 3,000 people came to the opening ceremonies to view air races, parachute drops, and other demonstrations.

Emerson radio1947     The Wilking Music Store in Indianapolis advertised the Emerson Model 537 console radio-phonograph.  It was one of the first on the market to have both AM and FM bands.  FM was brand new technology which offered static-free high fidelity sound.  The Model 537 had 11 tubes and could play both 10-inch and 12-inch records.  The sale price was $299.95 (over $3,000 in today’s dollars.)

Birch Bayh1964     A private plane carrying Indiana Senator Birch Bayh and his wife Marvella crashed into an apple orchard in Southampton, Massachusetts.    Bayh pulled fellow Senator Edward Kennedy from the wreckage.  Bayh and his wife were not seriously injured.  Kennedy suffered a broken back.  Pilot Edwin Zinny and Kennedy aide Edward Moss were both killed.  (Pictured: Senator Birch Bayh.)

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Indiana Quick Quiz

     Match the county seat to the appropriate county.

County Seats 

1.  New Albany  2.  Fort Wayne   3.  Brookville      4.  Anderson     5.  Nashville


A.  Madison         B. Floyd           C.  Brown        D.  Allen               E.  Franklin

Answers Below

Hoosier Humor


Brown County Philosopher Abe Martin says:  “It’s what we learn after we think we know it all that counts.”

– – – Kin Hubbard (1868 – 1930)

Did You Know?

     What’s in a Name?            Indiana has 92 counties.  Alphabetically, the list begins with Adams and ends with Whitley.  Where did the county names come from?  A quick survey reveals that they reflect a wide swath of United States and Indiana history.  Seven counties are named for United States Presidents (Adams, Harrison, Jackson, Jefferson, Madison, Monroe, Washington.)  Many honor men who fought in the American Revolution, the Battle of Tippecanoe, or the War of 1812.  Examples are Greene, Lawrence, Daviess, and Spencer.   Famous patriots are represented in counties such as Franklin, Henry, and Hamilton. At least four counties carry the names of signers of the Declaration of Independence (Carroll, Hancock, Huntington, Rush.)  Some pay tribute to explorers and frontiersmen like Boone, Clark, and Pike.  Others, like Jay, Blackford, Johnson, and Marshall, reflect upon our judicial history. The state’s Native American heritage is reflected in counties like Delaware and Miami.   One county, Fulton, is named for the inventor of the steamboat.  Some counties are not named for people at all.  Ohio, St. Joseph, Tippecanoe, Vermillion, Wabash, LaPorte, and Lake counties all represent rivers or geographic locations.  To conclude this quick review, there is one Indiana county named for another country.   Switzerland County was settled by immigrants from that European nation.

ANSWERS:  1.  B  Floyd County    2.  D  Allen County    3.  E  Franklin County               4.  A  Madison County 5.  C  Brown County