Big Spike in Unemployment in Dubois County

Dubois County (NNDC):

Businesses and employees including Dubois County, as well as our neighbor counties, saw a big jump in unemployment last month due mostly to the new normal called COVID.

Dubois County reported 10.6% unemployment in April, compared to 2.4% unemployment in March, which tied with Hamilton County for the lowest unemployment in the state that month.
The spike was expected due to the economic shutdown cased by the COVID-19 pandemic and forced closures of multiple industries all in an effort to slow the spread of the virus.
Orange County had the 5th highest unemployment in the state in April at 25.8%.  One of the county’s biggest employers, the French Lick Resort and Casino, remains closed to most guests due to the COVID-19 pandemic.  It closed and cancelled all events and activities back in mid-March.  In a statement released last week, officials said, “The first step in our multi-layered approach began on May 15, with a limited amount of overnight golf guests.
Daviess County had the lowest unemployment in our region at 8.4%.  Martin County reported 8.5% unemployment in April.  Both counties reported 2.7% just a month before.
Spencer County reported 13.1% unemployment last month, up from 3.4% in March.  Pike County had 15.2% unemployment in April, up from 3.5% the month prior.


Officials in Perry County say they had 17.8% unemployment in April.  It was just 3.1% back in March.


(Story sourced from Indiana State Officials)