Jasper Youth Baseball will be played in 2020


This information is going out today about Jasper youth baseball – as every precaution will be taken to keep everyone safe.

Players, coaches, parents, grand parents,

Here is a compiled list of actions that Jasper Youth Baseball in conjunction with Jasper Park and Rec will implement for the upcoming baseball season.  We as the board of directors for Jasper Youth Baseball are committed to strive to meet these criteria and exceed where possible.  We feel as we travel down this road together these points can and will probably change as we enter different phases of this pandemic.

Below you will find several bullet points that we will be communicating and enforcing this year at the Jasper Youth Sports Complex.


  1. Parents please take your child’s temperature before coming to the Sports Complex.  If it is 99.9 or higher PLEASE keep your child at home.
  2. Players’ temperatures will be checked by a coach before EVERY practice or game.
  3. EVERYONE should use social distancing while at the park.
    1. Parents will have to bring lawn chairs to set in, as the bleachers will be closed for spectators.
    2. No players will be allowed in the dugouts at any time.
    3. Players must set in the bleachers or may stand (6 feet apart) down the foul lines by the dugouts.
    4. We will allow more coaches per team to help maintain order with kids.


2020 was set to be an exciting time for JYB!  We had over 390 players registered to participate in Little League, from 5 year olds all the way up to 15 year olds.  Unfortunately, the Coronavirus pandemic has forced us to change our plans.  We will still be having a season but with a lot of changes and guidelines to follow.  These changes are due to the COVID-19 pandemic.  We were advised by Little League International and the State of Indiana that we are not allowed to start the season until June 14.  It is important to give the boys every opportunity to get into baseball shape, especially the young arms.  JYB has decided that we will start practice on June 14 and run them thru July 5 with the season (games) beginning on Monday July 6.

The board understands that this will make the season run longer than normal and that may affect some summer vacations that families had planned.  So the board has decided that we need to contact everyone that signed up to play baseball this summer.  Please notify the Vice President of your son’s league via email on the status of participating or not participating in the 2020 season.