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JHS Grads to Hold Graduation Ceremony

JHS Grads to Hold Graduation Ceremony

Jasper (NNDC):

Officials at Jasper High School have organized a parade route through town to give the community a chance to congratulate the resilient class of 2020.  Senior students will gather at the high school in their vehicles Friday evening the 22nd to begin a parade route at 6:30 pm.  (The original date and time scheduled for graduation)

Students will proceed north towards the middle school where they will turn right onto 36th street and then come back down on Newton st.  The caravan will then travel to West 6th St and finish back on St Charles to the high school.

Seniors and their families are encouraged to take part in this celebration in the same vehicle, and tune to 93.7 FM “The Scratch” for a special presentation during the event.  The parade route will be led by Student Resource Officers, Jasper Police, and a fire engine.


The public is also encouraged to take part in this unique recognition by dressing in black and gold, along with creating signs and cheering on the class of 2020 as they pass by. Principal, Brian Wilson remarked, “We want to offer a chance for friends and family to celebrate on the previously scheduled date. While we still have a traditional graduation planned for July 24th, we’re still not sure what it will look like at this point.”

Live updates will be given on social media during the event, and school officials are encouraging everyone to follow social distancing guidelines.  The long route is designed to include several parking and gathering areas that the public can safely show their appreciation.

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