Voting Location changes because of the COVID 19 Testing

Dubois County Election Board would like to make the public aware of a change in voting location for four Dubois County precincts for the upcoming June 2, 2020 Primary.

Voters registered in Bainbridge 2E, Bainbridge 2W, Bainbridge 3E, Bainbridge 3W will vote at Arnold F. Habig Community Center.

Previously, they had voted at the National Guard Armory in Jasper.  The National Guard Armory is currently being used as a Covid-19 testing site.  These precincts will NOT vote at the National Guard Armory due to this testing that is going on.

Voters effected by this change should receive a bright yellow postcard arrive on or around May 11th to bring awareness to each registered voter.

Thank you,

Dubois County Election Board

Below is the list of all Voting Locations-