Updated COVID Rules for Churches and Events

Indiana (NNDC):

Places of Worship are encouraged to conduct as many activities as possible remotely
Places of worship should continue using livestream, virtual services and drive-in services. Faith communities and religious leaders quickly adapted to these alternative services which continue to be recommended practices. Preparing livestream services and drive-in services should be conducted in accordance with Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) guidelines.

In-person services are permitted in much of the state beginning May 8, 2020, religious services, including wedding ceremonies and funeral services, may continue and will no longer be subject to limits on social gatherings. However, social distancing and other sanitation measures will continue to apply. Wedding receptions and visitations before or after funerals remain subject to the limitations and restrictions for social gatherings, and it is recommended that religious leaders verify local restrictions.

If implementing in-person services, consider the following practices:

• Ask all individuals who are 65 and older or who have an underlying at-risk health condition to stay home and
watch services online
• Ensure 6 feet between individuals or family units of the same households during services
• Space and mark seating, alternating rows when possible
• Clean between each service and regularly disinfect high-contact surfaces
• Place hand sanitizers in high-contact locations (e.g. bathroom, entry, exit) and ask staff, members and guests to
sanitize their hands before entering the building
• Recommend putting on a face covering before entering the building