Governor Eric Holcomb Declares Partial Re-Opening With Restrictions

Governor Eric Holcomb updated the state on the COVID 19 status what we will do next in Indiana.  Click on the link below to watch here on

Friday the Governor stated that Indiana is ready to move ahead in a measured way to begin opening our state, hoping to have full lifting of all restrictions lifted by early July.

He hopes to have Indiana back on track by July 4th.

Retail stores will be able to resume operations at 50% capacity while practicing social distancing.  Groups / gatherings of up to 25 people will be allowed.  Those who are able to work from home are still encouraged to do so as much as possible.

Starting May 8th, religious services in the state may resume while practicing social distancing.  Those over 65 or who have other health conditions are encouraged to continue viewing services remotely from home.

Restaurants and bars can reopen on May 11th, practicing social distancing and operating at 50% capacity.  Bar seating must remain closed.  Essential travel restrictions will be lifted. Remaining manufacturers that were not considered essential will be able to open.

Personal care shops like hair salons, spas, barber shops and tattoo parlors can resume services by appointment only and while practicing social distancing.