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April 26 – May 2

The Week in Indiana History


Indiana Department of Administration

Due to the COVID-19 threat, the Statehouse is closed to the general public and tours have been suspended until further notice.  You are invited to take a “Virtual Tour” of the Statehouse by clicking the link at the bottom of this column.  You may still contact us by phone or e-mail.

Indiana Quick Quiz

1.  The Lincoln Boyhood Home is located in which Indiana county?     a/ Brown  b/ Spencer  c/ Knox          d/ Clay

2.  As Lincoln traveled to Washington to take the oath of office, he spent the night in Indianapolis at which hotel?             a/ Weston  b/ Claypool  c/ Palmer House  d/ Bates House

3.  In 1905, Robert Todd Lincoln gave permission to use the family name in establishing an insurance company in what Indiana city?       a/  Indianapolis   b/ Evansville          c/ Fort Wayne   d/ South Bend

Answers Below

Hoosier Quote of the Week


“A good time for laughing is when you can.”

– – – Jessamyn West (1902-1984) Born in Vernon, Indiana, she was the author of The Friendly Persuasion, South of the Angels, Massacre at Fall Creek, and many other books.

dan patch movie

Did You Know?

     Dan Patch was a “superstar” in an age before radio, television, and the internet. Beloved by his fans, he was not ill-tempered like most stallions.  He was quite gentle and liked being around people.  He had a fondness for children and was very patient with them.  Dan loved the racetrack crowds.  Witnesses said he had a way of nodding to spectators as he trotted around the track.  Like any big star, he endorsed a variety of products, from stopwatches to washing machines to weathervanes.  Numerous songs were written about him and, 33 years after his death, his fame was still strong enough to inspire a Hollywood movie.  (Pictured: Movie poster for “The Great Dan Patch,” United Artists, 1949)

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ANSWERS:  1.  b/ Spencer County  2. d/ Bates House               3.  c/ Fort Wayne