While you’re staying safe a reminder fill out those Census Reports



At this time of COVID-19 and “shelter in place”, please take the time while at home to complete your 2020 Census forms (paper, phone, or on-line).  Currently Dubois County has a 66.1% response rate and is tied as the 34th highest county response rate in the nation, but it also means 1 of every 3 Dubois County residents have yet to report in before Census workers need to visit your home in-person for door-to-door surveys.

Remember that data collected not only sets our representation in Washington DC, but also determines the federal funding allotted to our county for schools; roads; public works; emergency, rescue, and medical services (COVID-19!); and much more.  The population numbers are also frequently used by businesses to decide where to build factories, offices and stores (which creates jobs) and developers use the data to determine locations to build new homes and revitalize old neighborhoods. Data collected now impacts our families and communities for the next ten years, so complete your Census now!

Current response rates for Dubois County, Indiana include:


Dubois County:  66.1%  (Tied for 34th in U.S.)


(Congratulations to Hall, Harbison, Jackson, and Madison

Townships for achieving the prettiest blue on the

US Census state map with a 70+% response rate!)


Birdseye            55.0

Ferdinand          62.9

Holland              55.2

Huntingburg       54.9

Jasper                66.6


Bainbridge         66.5

Boone                67.5

Cass                  63.7

Columbia           61.8

Ferdinand          67.6

Hall                    78.7

Harbison            70.0

Jackson             75.6

Jefferson           67.4

Madison            75.1

Marion               65.9

Patoka               57.2