As local businesses run low on meat supplies opens opportunities for others (click on video)

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Steak & Seafood Direct is in Jasper doing what they do best –  with a little bit of social distancing of course!



Manager from Steak & Seafood Direct

We have been in the Food Business for over 10 years, from “Free at home food delivery service” to “local grown restaurant delivery,” to “Retail Store Fronts” across the East coast. Our mission at “Steak & Seafood Direct” is to use our extreme buying power to now bring Wholesale Food Pricing to the public!! #BigTractorTrailerSale. Due to our 10,000 sf warehouse and tractor trailer service we now can!
We appreciate all the support through out the years and our friends and family. At Steak & Seafood Direct we value your opinion and feedback and love hearing from our customers; We have a great Staff that will personally answer every message and email. Please contact us through our FACEBOOK page, email, phone, or website. (website or Facebook for faster convenience.)
According to the manager they offer a quality USDA product at a great price and follow all the city and state ordinances at every location.
Checking locally – Many of our local companies like Sander Processing, Hometown IGA  and others are working very hard to keep a good supply of food including meat in their stores available to everyone.   After talking to some of the folks in line waiting to see what Steak & Seafood had to offer I was told for many it’s just a a convenience thing, it’s there sounds like a good deal and many mentioned it was kinda fun.
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