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House passes $2.2tn coronavirus economic stimulus package for US

House passes $2.2tn coronavirus economic stimulus package for US

(Washington D.C.)

Congress gave final approval on Friday of a $2.2tn economic stimulus package designed to rush federal aid to workers, businesses and a healthcare system ravaged by the coronavirus, uniting to overcome a last-minute attempt to delay its passage.

Congressman Thomas Massie, a Republican of Kentucky, attempted to force a recorded vote on the bill but was overridden by a unanimous show of force against the motion. The legislation was adopted by a voice vote. It next goes to Donald Trump, who has said he would sign it.

House leaders had hoped to avoid a recorded vote so that lawmakers would not be forced to return to Washington amid the coronavirus pandemic. The last-minute drama sent House members scrambling to find flights back to the capital in time for the vote, scheduled for Friday, and brought strong bipartisan criticism of Massie, from the White House on down.

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