Local Media Outlets Meet to Highlight Top New & Sports of 2019 Click icon for pics and videos)

Dubois County (NNDC):

Nearly all local media outlets gathered for a luncheon at which the top 10 news and sports  stories for 2019.

Due to length only the top 4 winners in each category are videoed.  Even so viewing these will give the reader/viewer a pretty good snapshot of last year’s events.


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News Now Dubois County (Memorial Hospital Anthem Talks) :

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The Herald (Birdseye Murder Sentencing):

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News Now Dubois County (Memorial Hospital / Anthem talks):

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WITZ (Girl Scout Death):

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WBDC (Murder in St. Anthony, trial and Sentencing):

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WBDC (Southridge High Wins Goal Post Trophy):

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News Now Dubois County (Heritage Hills Softball & Football Success):

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WITZ (JHS Switches sports conferences):

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WBDC (Southridge has another successful baseball Season):

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The top 12 finalists in each category were tied at 25% of the share of votes from top 4 media outlets, including; News Now, WITZ, The Herald, and WBDC,