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Hoosier Highlights for Jan 26th to Feb 1st

Hoosier Highlights for Jan 26th to Feb 1st

Hoosuer Highlights (NNDC):

January 26 – February 1

The Week in Indiana History


1859     Otto Stark was born in Indianapolis.  Exhibiting an early talent in art, he went on to study in New York and Paris.  He experimented with impressionism, a new style at the time.  Returning to Indianapolis in the 1890s, he became a member of the famed “Hoosier Group” of artists.

1877     Fire destroyed the Academy of Music in Indianapolis at the southeast corner of Illinois and Ohio Streets.  Governor James D. Williams had taken the oath of office there just three weeks earlier.

Riley1921     Indiana Governor Warren McCray met with members of the James Whitcomb Riley Memorial Association at the Statehouse.  They shared with him a proposal to build a children’s hospital in tribute to the Hoosier Poet, who had died five years earlier.  The Governor agreed that there was a need for a medical facility for children and pledged the state’s cooperation.

Gone with the Wind1940     Thousands lined up at Loew’s Theater in Indianapolis for the Indiana premier of Gone With the Wind.  Governor M. Clifford Townsend and Mayor Reginald Sullivan were among those in the opening night audience for the highly-anticipated movie.  The theater had installed new projector lenses to enhance the richness of the Technicolor process used in the film.

Gus Grissom1967    A flash fire aboard the Apollo I test capsule took the lives of Hoosier astronaut Gus Grissom and fellow astronauts Edward White and Roger Chaffee.  Grissom (pictured) had grown up in Mitchell, Indiana, and served in the Air Force during the Korean War.  He earned a degree in mechanical engineering at Purdue University.

plow1978     Indiana Governor Otis Bowen declared a snow emergency for the entire state after the worst blizzard on record.  State Police said all roads should be considered closed.  A record 30.6 inches of snow fell in Indianapolis during the month.

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Indiana Quick Quiz

1.  The Gus Grissom Memorial is located in which Indiana State Park?

2.  The “Hoosier Group” of artists includes Otto Stark, Richard Gruelle, William Forsyth, J. Ottis Adams, and what other well known Indiana artist?

3.  After serving as Governor, Dr. Otis Bowen went on to serve on the Cabinet of which United States President?

Answers Below



“There have been times when all of us wished we had gone into some other line of work. . . but when the first man touches down on the moon a few years from now, we’ll know that the whole thing has been more than worth it.”

– – – Gus Grissom


How is Census information used?

Here are some of the ways:             Distribution of more than $675 billion annually in federal funds back to state and local governments. . . Redistricting of state legislative districts. . . Forecasting future transportation needs. . . determining areas eligible for housing assistance. . . assisting federal, state, and local governments in planning and implementing programs and services

ANSWERS:  1.  Spring Mill State Park  2.  T. C. Steele  3.  President Ronald Reagan

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