Community Foundation Receives $330,000 Gift From Local Priest’s Estate

Jasper – (NNDC)

Dubois County Community Foundation recently received a generous donation from the estate of Rev. Philip Kreilein, a former priest at St.
Joseph Parish in Jasper and St. Ferdinand Parish in Ferdinand. This is the largest single contribution to the community foundation by an individual this year.

The gift is designated for the Lucille Kreilein St. Joseph Church Sacristy Endowment, an endowment established in 1999 by his parents, Raymond and Lucille Kreilein, and supports St. Joseph Parish for sacristy and altar expenses. “The Community Foundation is extremely grateful for Fr. Phil’s generosity and consider it a privilege to be named in his estate,” Clayton Boyles, community foundation executive director
said. “For a donor to entrust our organization with this type of gift is truly an honor,” Boyles said. Kreilein, a Jasper native, was ordained a priest of the Diocese of Evansville in 1974 and served  as Pastor of St. Joseph Parish in Jasper from 1999-2003. He passed last October.

His priestly assignments included Associate, St. Simon Parish, Washington, 1974; teacher, Mater Dei High School, Evansville, 1977; associate, St. Anthony of Padua Parish, Evansville, 1980; pastor, St. Mary Parish, Washington, and teacher, Washington Catholic High School, 1982; pastor, Holy Cross Parish, Fort Branch, 1988; pastor, St. Ferdinand Parish, Ferdinand, 1991; pastor, St. Joseph Parish, Jasper, March 1999; pastor, Resurrection Parish, Evansville, July 3, 2002; three-month sabbatical, 2010 (June-September); Pastor, Resurrection Parish, Evansville, 2010; Moderator, St. Boniface Parish, Evansville, 2010; Administrator, St Boniface Parish, Evansville, 2018 (Feb. 1-Feb. 13).

He served many years as the chaplain for athletes and teams at Mater Dei High School and the University of Southern Indiana.

Father Kreilein’s other responsibilities included service as Director of Continuing Education: Ministry to Priests, 2012; Dean, Evansville West Deanery, 2014; and Dean, South Deanery, 2015.

Sylvester Kreilein, Ph.D., and elder brother of Fr. Phil, states, “For many years, our mother cleaned St. Joseph’s sacristy as well as washed and ironed altar cloths. In addition to attending daily mass, it was working with the sacristy group that gave her a stronger sense of belonging.
An added incentive for her to establish the Sacristy Endowment was Fr. Phil’s assignment as Pastor at St. Joseph’s Parish,” he said.

The Community Foundation will invest the estate gift allowing it to grow over time and provide an annual grant to St. Joseph Parish. “We will responsibly steward this gift in perpetuity,” Boyles said. Boyles said the foundation’s board of directors is focused on strategies to increase planned giving for the benefit of our community and the Kreilein estate gift demonstrates how the potential impact is limitless. “Fr. Phil was a son of St. Joseph. How wonderful it is that he honored the legacy of his parents with this donation to their endowment,” Fr. Eugene Schmitt, St. Joseph Parish Pastor said.

“The Community Foundation administers many endowments for St. Joseph, and we thank the donors for their generosity and the Community Foundation for their great work,” Schmitt said. “Fr. Phil’s contribution will greatly expand the existing sacristy endowment and continue to
mirror the pleasure he had in enhancing the church,” said Sylvester Kreilein.

For more information on planned giving to benefit future generations of Dubois County, please contact Community Foundation staff at (812) 482-5295 or visit