New Bill Hopes to Result in Higher Teachers Pay

Indiana (NNDC):

Teacher pay improvement talks move to the Senate next week.

Senate President Pro Tem Rod Bray said teacher pay and school funding in general are top priorities for the Senate.

Similar to the house version, he said Republicans won’t try to order schools to spend money on teachers.  Stating  only is a local school board issue, but also commented that in many cases it could conflict with collective bargaining.

The new bill would instead encourage schools to limit their non-classroom spending to around 15-percent of their budgets, and explain their reasons if they went beyond that figure.

The budget also seeks to restore a teacher bonus program that the Governor had intended to kill, as well as a tax credit for teachers who purchase their own school supplies.

The bonus program has been criticized as inadequate, but the House Speaker said that the bonuses and the tax credit are among the few ways the state can get money to teachers directly.