Huntingburg Approves Tap-in Rate Hikes

Huntingburg (NNDC):

Costs for connecting to water and electric services,  commonly referred to as “tap-in fees”,  to the City of Huntingburg’s electric, and water rates to cover the cost increase the city received from Patoka Regional Water and Sewer District.

The Huntingburg Common Council approved the changes Tuesday night after receiving resolutions from the Huntingburg Utility Rate Advisory Board. A public hearing was held prior to the approval, but gathered no public input.

The water rate will increase by 26 cents per 100 cubic feet of water. That will be done through a water rate tracker system the utility will now have to adjust rates to cover the increased water cost the city is getting from Patoka, which is a 28.5 percent increase, City Attorney Phil Schneider said.

The average household uses 500 to 600 cubic feet of water monthly. For a household using 500 cubic feet, the monthly water bill will increase by about $1.30, Commented Water Manager Gary Meyerholtz. For a household using 600 cubic feet, the increase will be about $1.56.

The significant fee is for the actual tap-in for new customers. Examples are for a 3/4-inch tap, which is the typical kind of residential tap, will increase from $750 to $1,500; the cost to install it is $1,135. For a 1-inch, the tap-in fee will increase from $900 to $1,800; the installation cost is $1,467. The tap-in fee for a 1.5-inch will increase from $1,100 to $5,000; the installation cost is $4,541. The fee for a 2-inch tap will increase from $1,250 to $6,000; the cost to install the tap is $5,105.

Electric tap-in fees for new installations will increase to $200 for residential, $400 or $2 per amp for commercial and small industrial, whichever is greater; and $1,000 or $2 per amp for large industrial, whichever is greater. The cost used to be $100 for a residential electric tap, though the electric department would actually spend $257 to install the tap. The cost for installing commercial and industrial companies varies, but the tap costs were $200 for commercial and small industrial, and $500 for large industrial; the electric department covered the rest of the installation cost, which also varies based on required materials and labor.

The fees are for new connections only, According to Mayor Denny Spinner.