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Notes, Jokes, & Quotes of the Day.

Notes, Jokes, & Quotes of the Day.

Notes of the Day:

  • Global warming could drive to extinction as many as 1 in 6 animal and plant species.
  • The first webcam was created in Cambridge to check the status of a coffee pot.
  • Couples who spend more money on their wedding have a higher divorce rates, a study found.
  • The word “mafia” is never mentioned in the film version of the Godfather because the actual mafia demanded it.
  • 20,000 children die worldwide every day due to poverty.

Jokes of the Day:

  • A man who is just married is flying to the Florida Keys for a business trip. His new bride is to accompany him the next day. When he gets there, he e-mails his wife to let her know he made it there safely. When he sends the e-mail, he mistypes the address. In Boston, a grieving widow, whose husband has recently passed away, receives the e-mail. She reads it, screams, and faints. Hearing her grandmother’s cry, the widow’s 18 year old granddaughter runs into the living room to see the computer on, with a message that reads, “Dear love, I just got here. Preparing for your arrival tomorrow. Can’t wait to see you. Love, Me. P.S. Sure is hot down here.”
  • An English teacher told his students that when pronouncing a word beginning with the letter “H” they should ignore the “H” as in hour, honor, and honest. That day when leaving for class, he left a note for his assistant, “Please heat my rice for me.” When the teacher returned to his office, he met an empty bowl. He asked the assistant, “Where is my food?” The assistant replied, “You said I should heat the rice for you, but you also instructed us to ignored the ‘H.’
  • Q: What do cars eat on their toast?
    A: Traffic jam.

Quotes of the Day:

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