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SVB&T Hosts Business Seminar for the Community

SVB&T Hosts Business Seminar for the Community

Jasper (NND):

An evening of fun and how to do business better was brought to Jasper by SVB&T Tuesday evening.  The event was held in the beautifully restored Astra Theater.

Jamie Shinabarger, President and CEO of SVB&T explains about the event and it’s purpose.  (Click Video to View)


Damian Mason (presenter), gives a brief overview of the event as well as some business tips.

Video excerpts from the presentation.  Note:  Due to length, they are broken down into several segments, each 8-10 minutes each.  We realize this is long but it is well worth the watch as it is funny and educational.  (Click on videos below to watch).










More Videos to come, please check back.

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