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Big League All-Stars Blank Jasper Reds in Bluegrass World Series

Big League All-Stars Blank Jasper Reds in Bluegrass World Series

Louisville (NNDC) – The Jasper Reds, who compiled the historic semi-pro baseball team’s first undefeated season this summer, dropped a 5-0 decision to the Major League All-Star team in the opening round of the inaugural Bluegrass World Series Monday evening at Slugger Field. The Reds held their own and were trailing by only two runs before former Cincinnati Reds slugger Corky Miller hit a 2-run homer and the Stars pulled away from the Reds.

Jasper failed to score but did manage five hits off six former major league pitchers, including Jayson Marquis (Cardinals), Aaron Harang (Reds), and Keith Bell (Padres). The Reds’ Lawan Rollins had two of Jasper’s five hits.

Before the game (right photo) Jayson Werth, who retired this summer after a 15-year major league baseball career, posed with Jasper Reds manager Tom Alles. Werth, a former National League All-Star, played for the Blue Jays, Dodgers, Phillies, and Nationals, helping the Phils to the 2008 World Series championship. Jasper Reds photo by Bill Alles. (Note: Tom Alles is a longtime Jayson Werth and Philadelphia Phillies fan ).

Jasper will see action again Wednesday at Slugger Field. They will play the Sterling, Colorado Express at 3:30 p.m.

Former New York Yankee Johnny Damon walks back to first base after getting a base hit against the Jasper Reds Monday night in the Bluegrass World Series at Slugger Field in Louisville. The Reds’ first baseman next to Damon is Garrett Camp (6). Daymon also played for the Boston Red Sox for a number of years. At the far right is the Major League All-Stars’ first base coach Tom Browning, former pitcher for the Cincinnati Reds who pitched a perfect game during his big league career. (NNDC Photo by Joe Birge)

Former St. Louis Cardinal Pitcher/Outfielder Rick Ankiel waits for a pitch Monday night in the Bluegrass World Series action. The Major League All-Stars blanked the Jasper Reds, 5-0. (NNDC Photo by Joe Birge)

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