Hospital CEO Responds To Woman Who Entered Hospital; Was Later Arrested

E. Kyle Bennett
E. Kyle Bennett

Jasper (NNDC) – Memorial Hospital President and CEO E. Kyle Bennett Tuesday afternoon released a statement in response to an incident Monday night where a woman entered the hospital and began immediately to act “strangely” according to police. The woman was later arrested… CLICK HERE FOR MORE ON THE ARREST.

Below is Bennett’s statement…

“We experienced an unusual incident last evening. Around 4:45pm, a person entered the Pavilion entrance and made their way into a non-patient care area of the hospital. While in this area, the person claimed to be a new employee of the hospital and retrieved a hospital gown and scrubs.

Hospital staff was immediately suspicious of this behavior, called their supervisor, and contacted Memorial Hospital Security.

Hospital security then called for the Jasper Police Department and escorted this person out of the facility. The person was subsequently taken into custody.

Staff and patient safety are a priority at Memorial Hospital. We sincerely thank the hospital staff and security staff that quickly followed appropriate policies and procedures. We have reviewed this incident and have a team of people reviewing other safety policies and procedures to continue to be proactive.”