Time-Warner Cable Officially Now Spectrum

article_11042Jasper (NNDC) – If you’ve been watching any amount of televising lately, you’ve more than likely seen the new ‘Time-Warner’ commercials, announcing it new name of “Spectrum.”

Mick Birge, executive producer of Jasper-based NewsNow Dubois County and NewsNow Dubois County’s new cable TV channel, says this week Time-Warner Cable is officially becoming ‘Spectrum.’

Birge says customers won’t notice anything really different with the change of name. Spectrum (as is Time-Warner Cable) is now owned by St. Louis-based Charter Communications.

Birge says, “Time Warner’s customers (cable television, voice and internet) will see the Time Warner name disappear from their bills, mailings and advertising.

Birge says it was announced in a news release that Spectrum internet plans will start at 60 megabits per second. Another pledge is no extra charges for heavy Internet usage or to charge modem fees.

Spectrum 0fficials say the company also plans to offer “additional options” than what Time Warner offered, but did not specify exactly what.

Spectrum says it will have more attentive customer service, something Time-Warner was criticized for both locally and across the country.

In 2016, St. Louis-based Charter Communications took over the facilities, operations and employees of Time Warner’s regional office in Louisville (which serves the Dubois County area).  The takeover was finalized last spring, when final approval approval was granted by Federal Communications Commission regulators.

Time Warner assumed the local cable rights from Insight Communications several years ago.

Spectrum says it will have about 2,600 Louisville-area employees, including workers at a call center and personnel in operations, customer service, maintenance and sales.

Birge says the long-anticipated launch of NNDC-TV (Channel 183) this past September was delayed for more than a year by two takeover attempts by communications for Time-Warner including the successful takeover by Charter.   We also had to wait about seven months for the feds (the U. S. Department of Justice) to rule whether or not the first Time-Warner takeover attempt by Comcast was going to create a so-called monopoly!  It ruled that it did!”

Birge says, “I think I have paperwork from three different companies regarding NNDC-TV!  All we could do was just wait it (the Charter takeover) out!”

Birge also says he hopes NNDC’s relationship with Spectrum will be as good or even better than the one it has had with Time-Warner.

“I think our relationship with Charter will open new markets for our NewsNow new media services. I’m looking forward to working with them.”

He says, “The Time-Warner people have been great from the beginning.  And I’m including the folks at the main office which was in New York when we started talks with them about a TV channel back in late 2015 to the local techs who made several trips to Jasper to get the launch completed!”

For more information about Spectrum, visit www.spectrum.com.

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