NNDC-TV Cable Upate; Launch Date Set

Jasper (NNDC) – If you follow NNDC regularly, you know of our plans to launch our own cable TV channel, NNDC-TV.

BLUE LOGOFor the better part of the last two weeks we have had to put the majority of our focus and effect in getting the new channel ready!  A lot of the effort for us has been to work through Time-Warner cable’s acquisition by Charter Communications, Inc.  CLICK HERE FOR MORE ON THE ACQUISITION

This is an exciting time for us; it has also given us front row seat as to where today’s media is heading and now with our new partnership with Charter, NNDC and its parent company, Star Valley Productions, Inc. we feel we are not only positioned well for the future but we will be in the forefront of this “new media!”

The last two weeks, we have put in place new editorial and business systems including new equipment as well as expanded our staff with more additions to be made between now and the end of the summer!

We will turn on the switch and begin televising on our new Charter/Spectrum (formerly Time-Warner) cable channel on July 14th.   The first week will be “tweaking” (for lack of a better term) of the channel and our signal between Jasper and what is called the “head-end” in Columbus, OH.  We will begin adding content to the channel shortly after we launch, with scheduled local programming to follow!

NNDC-TV can be found on Channel 183.  Charter is undergoing some major changes with its acquisition of TWC, but we anticipate a change or two in our channel position not long after we launch.

NNDC-TV will be 100% local and much of it will be LIVE from either in studio or from the field.  In addition to new staff, we have been entering into agreements for special programs beginning in July and ongoing regular local programs!  We think you are going to like what you see!

The folks at both Time-Warner and now Charter tell us, NNDC is the first web-based “new media” news & sports entity to successfully make the transition to traditional television.

For us, NNDC-TV is the final part of our development these past three years as a true, new media company; one that is also poised to successfully grow in the future.

Beginning Monday, June 26th, we will return to our regular coverage levels of local news, sports and entertainment.  We continue with updates like this one between now and our launch date of July 14th.