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Firewood Available Next Month at Patoka Lake

Firewood Available Next Month at Patoka Lake

Firewood2PATOKA LAKE (NNDC) –Beginning November 4, local residents will be able to purchase firewood permits and begin cutting up hazard trees dropped by Patoka Lake staff in high use areas throughout the property. Residents can cut up and haul away firewood for $10 per pickup load.

Property employees are removing trees that threaten to fall or lose limbs, primarily in high traffic areas such as the modern campground, fisherman’s campground, and beach areas. Most trees have suffered damage from the emerald ash borer. Others are simply finishing their natural life cycle and must be removed because of their locations adjacent to buildings or areas that people frequent.

Permits are required and can be obtained at the Patoka Lake property office between 8 a.m. and 3 p.m. weekdays, beginning November 4. Days, hours, and access to specific areas for cutting will be determined by weather conditions and availability of downed hazard trees. For additional information and updates call 812 685-2464.


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