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UPDATED: What You Can & Cannot Burn In Dubois County (AUDIO)

UPDATED: What You Can & Cannot Burn In Dubois County (AUDIO)

JASPER (NNDC) – On Saturday, the Dubois County Commissioners and county fire chiefs lifted a ban on burning debris and other wood products thanks to recent rains.

The ban lift has prompted the Dubois County Emergency Management Agency to issue a news release Monday clarifying for county residents what can and what cannot be burned.

Tammy Humbert heads the county’s emergency management agency…

Now burning of clean wood debris is not allowed inside the city/town limits of Jasper, Huntingburg or Ferdinand.

Now charcoal and propane barbecue grills are allowed inside municipalities.

Hunbert says recreational fires are allowed inside the county…

Humbert is also advising county residents to never use gasoline to start your fires including campfires.

If you have any questions on recycle household waste, Humbert advises contacting the Dubois County Solid Waste Management office at 812-481-7040.

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