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Volunteers Needed For Heartland Half Marathon

Volunteers Needed For Heartland Half Marathon

Heartland Marathon ArtJASPER (NNDC) – Volunteers are needed for the Heartland Half Marathon, scheduled Labor Day weekend in Jasper. The events will include a half marathon, 5K, and team challenge.

Volunteers are needed for registration in the morning and afternoon on Friday, September 4, and during the race on Saturday, September 4. The race will begin at 7:30 a.m. Volunteers generally work in pairs or small groups, and children and teens can also help when paired with an adult. All volunteers will receive a free tee-shirt.

The majority of the proceeds from this year’s race will be given to the Phillip D. Dawkins Heart and Vascular Center at Memorial Hospital to be utilized for new integrative medicine services provided to cardiac patients. Ten percent of the proceeds will go toward the DC Multisport Endowment to ensure future stability of the organization and to continue in its efforts to give towards worthy causes.

To volunteer or for additional information call 812-482-9115 or 800 968-4578.


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