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Sunday Parade Webcast Recap

Sunday Parade Webcast Recap

JASPER (NNDC)  – What a wonderful day for a parade!  Unfortunately, our LIVESTREAM of the event did not go as we had planned.  We are still trying pinpoint the exact issue today.  We do know our uplink was repeatedly interrupted.  This comes after two wonderful evenings of webcasting from the Strassenfest both Friday and Saturday.  We also don’t know if today is related to Thursday’s server crash in New York with our LIVESTREAM service.

On location, we tried all three of our hotspots but to know avail.  We even tried to access the WiFis of a couple of downtown businesses and we were not even able to make contact.

We think the problem is at our end and we apologize.

We have plans for LIVE-streaming events this fall so we will address it with our IT team this week and hopefully resolve the issue very soon.

We are disappointed especially after our incredibly successful webcast of the Ferdinand parade.  Today’s problem has us perplexed as to what the issue is.

We do have excerpts from today’s parade webcast now on our LIVESTREAM server at https://livestream.com/accounts/9375536/events/3220198.  You will get a good idea of what we were experiencing.

I assure you, we will take care of it. Thanks… Mick

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