UPDATE: LIVESTREAM Is Back Up; Strassenfest Programs Resume This Afternoon!

fixedJASPER (NNDC) – Our LIVESTREAM server out which failed on us yesterday afternoon is back online we are happy to report.

The server in New York went out at about 4:15pm and was cause for our not being able to bring you the last night’s opening ceremony.  The server crash also prevented from bringing you updates from downtown as it was happening.  We apologize for that.

Our techs have worked overnight to correct the problem.  Mick Birge, Executive Producer for NNDC, got word this morning that the LIVE server is back on line and it was successfully tested this morning at our Jasper studio.

We will resume our planned reports from the Jasper Strassenfest this afternoon at 5:30pm and again tomorrow.

Our plan is to also bring you the annual Strassenfest parade from downtown on Sunday as well.

We apologize for the problem yesteday.

We will be resuming our regular NNDC news/sports coverage as the morning progresses.  Thank you.