DCSD Looking For Person/People With Money Left At WalMart (Surveillance Photo)

Photo: Dubois Co. Sheriff's Department
Photo: Dubois Co. Sheriff’s Department
JASPER (NNDC) – The Dubois County Sheriffs Department is looking for the person or people believed to have found money accidentally left by a customer at the Jasper WalMart store.

DCSD says last Thursday (7/23/15), a customer accidentally left an undisclosed amount of cash at the store.

DCSD says person or people picked up the money and may be unsure how to go about finding the rightful owner. A photo (right) of the vehicle taken by store video surveillance is occupied by the person people believed to have the money.

DCSD detective John Anderson is investigating the matter. Anderson says he’d like to get the money back to the rightful owner.

He is asking anyone with information about the money to contact him at (812) 812) 639-9055 which is his cell number. You can also him at the Dubois County Sheriff’s Department at *812) 482-3522.