Two Birdseye Residents Charged With Overnight Home Break-In

BIRDSEYE (NNDC) – The Dubois County Sheriff’s Department says their investigation into an overnight home break-in has resulted in two arrests.

DCSD says 30-yea rold Joey Harger and 31-year old Autumn Deich, both of Birdseye are charged into connection with the overnight burglary of a home on Kings Ridge Road in the Birdseye area.

DCSD says forced entry through the front door was used to get into the residence. DCSD says their investigation led to Harger and Deich as suspects. DCSD says deputies located both at a residence in Crawford County. Both were questioned and then taken into custody.

Harger is charged with Burglary and Theft; Deich is charged with Aiding Burglary and Aiding Theft.

DCSD says all property taken was recovered and returned to the home’s owner.

Meanhwile, DCSD says at the time of his arrest this morning, Harger was wanted on two Dubois County Superior Court warrants; one for failure to appear on a petition to revoke probation hearing and writ of attachment.