UPDATED: DCSD Talks About “Bullying” Group Of Pavers (AUDIO)

JASPER (NNDC) – The Dubois County Sheriff’s Department is warning local residents of a romaing group of paver who they say are swindling customers with bully tactics.

DCSD says the pavers work door to door, offering to pave driveways with asphalt they claim in leftover from previous projects.

They do the work, but then charge more than the price originally agreed upon by the pavers and customers.

Sgt. Stuart Wilson with DCSD says this is a scam that rears it’s head locally just about this time every summer…

DCSD says its already received four complaints today (Tuesday) of the problem, and a deputy said in one case the pavers completed a job after saying they’d charge $4500; however, the group asked for $9,000 and bullied the customer into paying the higher price.

The pavers’ truck has on it a sticker indicating they are a member of the Better Business Bureau, but the sheriff’s department has found that is not the case.

Wilson says if you get approached by contractors you are not familiar with, do the right thing…

Wilson says any contract needs to be signed by both parties.

Meanwhile, DCSD Deputy Brad Kendall says, “If they cannot provide a contract, it’s a good sign they aren’t a good business!”