Bariatric Weight Loss Public Forum Saturday

surgery useJASPER (NNDC) – A public forum for anyone interested in learning more about bariatric weight loss surgery is scheduled Saturday in the Medical Arts Building Conference Center, 721 West 13th Street in Jasper. The forum begins at 9 o’clock Saturday morning.

Memorial Hospital and Health Care Center offers weight loss surgery as an option for clinically severe obesity when less invasive methods of weight loss have failed. Clinically severe obesity is defined as an individual being at least 100 pounds overweight or having a BMI equal to or greater than 40.

Dr. Marcus Kurucz, a general surgeon at Memorial Hospital who received extensive training in bariatric surgery during his general surgery residency, offers the Roux-en-Y gastric bypass procedure, gastric sleeve procedure, and the Realize Adjustable Gastric Band.

Prior to being accepted as a patient for bariatric surgery, a candidate must attend one of the hospital’s bariatric surgery public forums, receive an examination to be sure he or she is physically able to tolerate the surgery, as well as have nutritional, exercise, and psychological evaluations. The individual must also have tried to accomplish weight loss previously through diet and exercise.

For additional information on Saturday’s forum call 812 996-0185.