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Hoosier Desk Renovation; Rehabilitation & Remodeling Estimates Unveiled

Hoosier Desk Renovation; Rehabilitation & Remodeling Estimates Unveiled

JASPER (NNDC) – The numbers are in! Estimates show it will cost $12.8 million to rehabilitate, renovate and remodel the former Hoosier Hoosier Desk building into a new Jasper Arts & Cultural Center.

During a public meeting last night at the Kimball International Center, Barry Alberts, managing partner of the Louisville urban planning consultanting firm CityVisions, and David Gamble of Gamble and Associates explained the total cost would be split between both the Jasper Library Board and the city’s Arts Commission.

Alberts also pointed out that the $12.8 million does include a $1.7 million “construction contingency cost.”

Alberts also pointed out to the crowd of about 60 people gathered at the south side facility, most of them associated with the city, the library or the arts commission, that with potential tax credits and private investment, the cost could lowered substantially, to less than $5 million for each entity.

The cost to each entity is much lower than the $7 million dollar projected cost for a new library back in 2011 that was soundly defeated in a public referrendum.

A 2006 estimate for renovating the current Jasper Arts Center (on the VUJC) campus was about $12 million. Those plans were put on hold as the city’s decided to build the new Jasper Youth Sports Complex and focus on other projects that were deemed priorities at the time.

The library board is gathering the cost estimates so it can make a decision on whether or not the Hoosier Desk building is a feasible project (with the arts commission as a partner in developing the building), as well as move forward to putting the project before local voters for either a spring or fall referrendum in 2016.

The library board hopes to make a decision yet this week on whether or not the Hoosier Desk building (as the part of the proposed Jasper Arts & Cultural Center) is a viable option to pursue for a new public library

This story will be updated with on camera reaction and more later on NewsNow Dubois County.

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