Indiana DNR District 7 Conservation Officers Now Have Airboat

airboatINDIANAPOLIS (Local Sources) – Indiana Conservation Officers in District 7 have added an air boat to their watercraft fleet.

The airboat (pictured) will be used for patrol but also for emergency responses in shallow water and during search operations for subjects missing in the water.

Airboats are used in a wide variety of applications where access is problematic such as wetlands, shallow water, obstructed waterways and frozen lakes or backwater.

They are flat bottomed vessels that are propelled in a forward direction by an aircraft type propeller and powered by an aircraft or automotive engine.

The airboat issued to District 7 is a 22 foot AirRanger with an 8.1 liter engine producing around 330 horsepower.

District 7 Commander Lt. Duane Englert stated: “This will be an effective tool for the district aiding with protection of our wildlife resources and responding to water emergencies. We will be able to access areas traditional propeller boats would not be able to navigate, allowing us to search more thoroughly.”