Corpus Christi Celebration Revived in Ferdinand

Corpus Christi Celebration INSIDEFERDINAND (NNDC) – A Feast of Corpus Christi Celebration, a fixture for many years in the Catholic Church, is being resurrected this weekend in honor of St. Ferdinand’s 175th celebration. Corpus Christi is being celebrated Sunday morning following the 9:30 mass at St. Ferdinand Church.

The procession will start from the church and wind south along Maryland Street to 6th Street. The first shrine will stand at the intersection of 6th and Maryland. From 6th Street the procession will move west to Missouri Street, where the second altar/shrine will be located. From Missouri the procession will continue to 11th Street and the third altar, back to the fourth altar at Maryland Street, and then back to the church.

Everyone is invited to join in the procession.