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11 Charges Formally Filed Against Man Who Was Combative With Police & Patrons At A Local Bar

11 Charges Formally Filed Against Man Who Was Combative With Police & Patrons At A Local Bar

Michael Anthony Arteaga
Michael Anthony Arteaga

JASPER (NNDC) – The Dubois County Prosecutor’s office has formally filed 11 charges against a Jasper man who local police say was combative with them and with patrons at a local bar this past Saturday night.

Many of the charges 31-year old Michael Arteaga now faces are felonies.

Jasper police were called to JR’s Bar on South Clay Street shortly after 10:30pm Saturday.   There they found a shirtless Arteaga in the parking lot who then took off running as officers approached him.

A JPD officer caught Arteaga by the railroad tracks to the northwest of the bar.   JPD says Arteaga then began fighting with officers.  JPD says Arteaga eventually had to be subdued with a tazer gun.

JPD says after Arteaga was taken into custody and handcuffed he then spit in a police officer’s face.

JPD says Arteaga was belligerent and disorderly the entire time with police and later with EMTs who called to the scene.  Police say Arteaga continued his combative behavior with staff at Memorial Hospital where he was taken and treated for minor injuries he suffered in the altercation with police.

Witnesses say before police arrived, Arteaga entered JR’s Bar where he became physical with two patrons inside.  Arteaga was immediately escorted out of the establishment, but he continued verbal assaults on patrons from the parking lot.  Police were then called to the scene.

Arteaga faces four felony counts including a Level 5 felony count of Battery by Bodily Waste Resulting In Injury to a Police Officer Engaged In Public Duties.

He also faces three Level 4 felony counts including Battery by Bodily Waste, Intimidation and Resisting Law Enforcement.  He also faces three Class A misdemeanor counts of Resisting Law Enforcement.  These seven charges were the result of Arteaga fleeing police and being combative with officers after they arrived on scene.

Arteaga also faces two Class A misdemeanor counts of Battery Resulting in Bodily Injury for allegedly striking two patrons inside the bar.

He also faces two Class B misdemeanor counts of Disorderly Conduct for his alleged verbal assaults toward patrons in the parking lot.

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