New Church Cluster Will Be Known As St. Isidore Parish

Churches editedDUBOIS (NNDC) – The St. Celestine and St. Raphael Catholic Community Cluster in Northeastern Dubois County will be known as the new St. Isidore Parish in June of 2016.

Parish and church are soften used interchangeably, but, as the two churches reported in their church bulletins, they are very distinct realities. The term “church” can have a broad meaning, such as the Church or Christ. A church building is a sacred place, a location where the faithful from a given parish gather to worship God through the celebration and sacraments and other ways of prayer. It is the place where the Blessed Sacrament is reserved for veneration. It has a fixed address and requires lawn maintenance and utility bill payments, etc.

A parish is a bit more difficult to define. It is an entity in canon law that is defined by a territorial boundary to serve the needs of the people within that boundary, or without a territory to serve a group of the faithful on the basis of language, ethnicity or some other shared quality. A parish must have a pastor (or priest administrator) who cares for the faithful and celebrates the sacraments in the parish church.

In the case of merging existing parishes the newly merged parish may have a number of churches at its disposal after the merger is completed. This poses its own set of unique difficulties because the newly merged parish will have to maintain and support multiple buildings within a parish.

The building names (St. Celestine and St. Raphael) will remain the same.