Kimball Donates $50,000 To Huntingburg Stellar Community Project

kIMBALLJASPER (Local Sources) – The Kimball International-Habig Foundation is pleased to present a donation of $50,000 to the Huntingburg Stellar Community Project. The gifted funds will go directly to the Huntingburg Stellar Endowment, managed by the Dubois County Community Foundation, to be used as needed to advance the goals and initiatives of the project.

Kimball International CEO and Chairman of the Board, Bob Schneider, stated “We believe the Stellar Communities projects will assist local employers in not only retaining current employees but also attracting new employees to the county. Huntingburg is home to many of our employees. We share their pride in their community. This gift will help attract new residents to discover Huntingburg, and Dubois County, is a desirable place to live and work. The Stellar Communities Project has the potential to touch all aspects of our communities, enhancing their sense of place and building more vibrant, stronger communities, which in turn, helps local employers to recruit and retain excellent employees in our area.”

Participating in the presentation were Julie Heitz-Cassidy (Vice President, General Counsel and Secretary, Kimball International), Bob Schneider (Chairman of the Board and CEO, Kimball International), Mayor Dennis Spinner, Greg Kincer (Vice President, Corporate Development, Kimball International), and Nicole Kreilein (Dubois County Community Foundation).