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Coal to Diesel Plant in Dale Still being Contested by Local Residents

Dale (NNDC):

Fear of health issues along with negative environmental concerns has spurred SW Indiana Citizens for Quality of Life and others, to hold another public discussion to Riverview Energy’s plans to build a coal to diesel plant in Dale.  The discussion will be led by the group’s president, Mary Hess and Valley Watch president John Blair.

IDEM says the proposed plant will not pose a significant risk to public health or the environment but local residents aren’t so sure.  The discussion will take place January 28th at 7 p.m. at Dale Presbyterian Church.

Some opponents think IDEM’s motives are political in this case, saying they don’t feel any better about the plant coming to Dale than they did before IDEM issued its findings.

Jasper Chamber to host “Launch Your Own Business Event” Sign up now!

Jasper – (NNDC)

Launch Your Own Business Thursday – January 23rd, 2020 – 5:30 p.m. Jasper Chamber of Commerce 302 West 6th Street – Jasper, IN

$25 per person – payable at the door

Evaluate your business idea and start on a solid foundation.

Instructed by ISBDC Business Advisors, this workshop covers:

  • Identify Personal Objectives, Skills, and Resources
  • Describe Your Business Idea and Requirements
  • Understanding your competition and how to position your product or service.
  • Identify the managerial requirements for your business

Receive a free 55-page step-by-step workbook, and one-on-one business consulting

To register – – call the Jasper Chamber at 812-482-6866 or:  chamber@jasperin.org


Tai Chi with local Certified Instructor and Black Belt Jim Birkle (Click on Video)

(NNDC) – Tai Chi is an ancient form of martial arts focused on defense, flexibility, and general health benefits. It’s a great discipline for everyone, particularly seniors. While you can easily sign up to any Tai Chi class nowadays, only a few  are reliable and worth your money.  In Southern Indiana, one Class that you can always count on is Tai Chi with Jim Birkle and Senior Stick Fit.

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For more information on Tai Chi and local class availability go to  https://seniorstickfit.com/

or visit Jim Birkle on Facebook http://facebook.com/jbirk1960

Congratulations to Jim Birkle being Nominated to the Martial Arts Hall of Fame

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JPD Arrested a Winslow Woman for Stealing Controlled Substances

Jasper (NNDC):







UPDATED – Area Roads Still Closed Due to High Water

Jasper (NNDC):

The following Dubois County roads remain closed due to high water from last weekend’s flooding. Possibly more rain on the way for this weekend will likely increase the high water.


Madison CR 800 W
Madison CR 620 West Dillon Creek
Madison CR 150 South West of Old Huntingburg Road
Madison Ell Creek Road North of CR 400 South






Portersville Bridge Rd

700 N



North of the Bridge in Daviess County



Patoka CR 400 South West of Ell Creek Road

Remember “Turn Arround Don’t Drown”! Never attempt to drive through water covered roadways.

Free Legal Help in Honor of MLK Day

State Wide (NNDC):

Free Legal Help for the Public on MLK Day 2020
Indiana State Bar Association members volunteer to provide the public with free legal help.
Hoosiers needing answers to legal questions are invited to a free legal consultation during the Indiana State Bar Association’s annual “Talk to a Lawyer Today” on Jan. 20, 2020. Consultations are provided in-person at numerous statewide locations or via the statewide hotline from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. EST at 800.266.2581. See a list of residential phone numbers and walk-in locations for each Indiana county at www.inbar.org/talktolawyer.
Individuals will speak with one of the more than 200 attorneys volunteering their time and experience during 10- to 15-minute consultations to answer general questions and offer legal information. Topics typically include bankruptcy, child support, complaints again a city, contract disputes, divorce, employment issues, immigration, landlord-tenant issues, and wills and estates.
Members of the ISBA donate their time for this once-a-year program as a tribute to Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. The program is an opportunity for attorneys statewide to provide free legal consultations to members of the general public who might not otherwise be able to afford the counsel of an attorney.
Please help share this information with the general public who may benefit from free legal counsel.
About the Indiana State Bar Association:
Founded in 1896, the Indiana State Bar Association is the single largest legal organization in the state. The ISBA serves and advocates on behalf of its members, their clients and the public interest as the independent voice of the legal profession. The ISBA’s office is located in downtown Indianapolis. For more information about the Indiana State Bar Association, visit www.inbar.org.
Kelsey Kotnik
Communication Manager
Indiana State Bar Association


New Legislation out of the State House.

Indiana (NNDC):

Some of these topics were discussed at last Saturday’s Legislative Breakfast which was covered by News Now.  Just click on the “More Local News and Sports” tab at the bottom of our Home Page to find videos of that event.

Target shooting liability

The Senate Judiciary Committee heard SB 9 on target shooting liability and agritourism.  The bill, authored by Sen. Tomes, provides that a person who goes upon a premises for the purpose of target shooting does not have an assurance that the premises is safe for that purpose. The bill also provides that a natural resource based agritourism activity includes target shooting.

The bill was amended by consent to narrow the application of the immunity provisions to the owners of shooting ranges certified by the National Rifle Association or the National Muzzle Loading Rifle Association that post and maintain signage concerning liability.  The bill was also amended by consent to change the standard of proof to gross negligence or willful and wanton conduct. The National Muzzle Loading Rifle Association and the Indiana Rifle and Pistol Association testified in support of the bill. The amended bill passed 5-3.

Driver’s license suspensions

The Senate Committee on Corrections and Criminal Code heard SB 200 authored by Sen. M. Young repealing certain license suspensions when a motor vehicle is used in dealing certain controlled substances.

The Indiana Public Defender Council testified in support of the bill. The bill passed 8-0.

Exploitation of dependents and endangered adults

The Senate Committee on Corrections and Criminal Code heard SB 249 authored by Sen. M. Young creating a new criminal offense for the exploitation of dependents and endangered adults. The bill provides a person commits exploitation of a dependent or an endangered adult if the person recklessly uses or exerts control over the personal services or property of an endangered adult.  The bill further provides that a person in a position of trust commits exploitation of a dependent or endangered adult if the person recklessly engages in self-dealing with the property of the dependent or endangered adult.

The Indiana Health Care Association; Indiana Prosecuting Attorneys Council; Wings Adult Guardianship Taskforce; and Alzheimer’s Association testified in support.  The Indiana Public Defender Council testified in opposition. The bill passed 8-0.

Driving privileges

The House Committee on Courts and Criminal Code heard HB 1157 authored by Rep. Hatfield regarding driving privileges. The bill requires the Bureau of Motor Vehicles to remove any record of a suspension from a defendant charged with operating while intoxicated if the case ends in favor of the defendant and the defendant’s driving privileges were suspended because: (1) the defendant refused a chemical test; or (2) the results of a chemical test resulted in prima facie evidence of intoxication. The bill also permits a court to award specialized driving privileges to a defendant who refused to submit to a chemical test if: (1) the person has not previously refused to submit to a chemical test; (2) the person installs a certified ignition interlock device; and (3) the court finds that awarding specialized driving privileges is in the interests of justice.

The bill was amended by consent to disqualify those who have a previous conviction for operating while intoxicated and mandates the trial court and the BMV terminate all, or any part, of the remaining suspension of a person’s license suspension if the charges against the person are dismissed, the person is acquitted, or the person’s conviction is vacated or reversed on appeal.

The Indiana Public Defender Council and a defense attorney testified in support of the bill.  The Indiana Prosecuting Attorneys Council testified in opposition.  The bill passed 12-0.


Memorial Hospital Requesting Public Input

Jasper (NNDC):

Memorial Hospital in Jasper wants to hear from the public regarding its application for the prestigious designation of Magnet through the American Nurses Credentialing Center for excellence in nursing services.

Patients, family members, staff and other interested parties can provide comments to the Credentialing Center to help the hospital achieve this distinguished accreditation. Input must be received by February 16th of this year. All comments will remain confidential and are not shared with Memorial Hospital. They may be anonymous, but must be sent in writing to the Magnet Program Office.

The public may e-mail comments to magnet@ana.org or by USPS:  American Nurses Credentialing Center (ANCC), Magnet Recognition Program Office, 8515 Georgia Avenue, Suite 400, Silver Spring, MD 20910-3492.

Hoosier Highlights for the Week

Dubois County (NNDC):






January 19 – January 25

The Week in Indiana History


Logo1820     Indiana Governor Jonathan Jennings signed a bill that led to the founding of Indiana University.  Baynard Rush Hall was hired as the first professor.  Andrew Wylie was named as first president.  This year, IU is celebrating its bicentennial with a series of events, including the dedication of the school’s newest super-computer, Big Red 200.

1859     At a joint meeting of the Indiana General Assembly, Mary Thomas spoke in favor of a petition signed by more than a thousand men and women from Wayne County.  She urged lawmakers “to grant to women the same rights in property as men, and also the right of suffrage.”  Read more about Mary Thomas below in “Did You Know?”


1867     Indiana ratified the 14th Amendment to the United States Constitution, which provided citizenship to former slaves and granted all citizens equal protection under the law.  State Legislator Stephen Neal of Boone County is thought to have helped write the original draft of the document.  Pictured:  The bust of Stephen Neal at the Indiana Statehouse, created by Indiana artist Clara Barth Leonard.  

J J Johnson1924     James Louis “JJ” Johnson was born in Indianapolis.  With a huge musical talent, he began a professional career while still attending Crispus Attucks High School  He became a legendary trombonist who played with such stars as Count Basie, Miles Davis, and Dizzy Gillespie.  He was also a composer and arranger and a major influence in the development of jazz.

rain1937     Eleven days of rain caused heavy flooding in the Ohio River Valley.   Over sixteen inches of rainfall had brought the Ohio River up to a crest of 54 feet. Nearly 90% of Jeffersonville was flooded and martial law was declared in Evansville.

Otis Harlan1940     Otis Harlan died in Martinsville, having retired there after a long career as an actor.  After years of success on the Broadway stage, he moved to Hollywood where he appeared in over 130 films.  He played a variety of roles, including that of Captain Andy in “Show Boat” and Squire Hawkins in “The Hoosier Schoolmaster. His voice is immortalized in his portrayal of “Happy” in Walt Disney’s “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.”

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Indiana Quick Quiz

1.  The Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Park in Indianapolis displays a sculpture which shows Dr. King reaching out to what other famous American?

2.  Which Indiana county bears the name of the official state river?

3.  Zerelda was an Indiana First Lady who was very active in the cause of Women’s suffrage.  What was her last name?

Answers Below



“War makes strange giant creatures out of us little routine men who inhabit the earth.”

– – – Ernie Pyle

The Upcoming Census is Important to Indiana


     Indiana lost a seat in the United States House of Representatives after Census 2000 – leaving us with nine representatives. This also had an impact on presidential elections since each state’s number of electoral votes is equal to its number of representatives plus senators. As the population increasingly shifts to the southern and western parts of the nation, Indiana is in danger of losing another seat in the coming decades. This makes it all the more necessary to count every Hoosier in this year’s census.

Did You Know?

     By the time Mary Thomas presented the women’s rights petition to the Indiana Legislature, she had already graduated from medical college.  After practicing in Fort Wayne for two years, she and her husband moved to Richmond, Indiana, where she lived the rest of her life.  During the Civil War, she took supplies to Indiana soldiers and tended to those who were sick and injured.  After the war, she continued her work for women’s suffrage and became president of the Indiana Woman Suffrage Association.  She also served one year as president of the American Woman Suffrage Association.

ANSWERS:  1.  Robert Kennedy  2.  Wabash County  3.  Wallace (She was the wife of the sixth Governor of Indiana, David Wallace)

Denny’s Being Sold but Will Continue in Jasper

Dubois County (NNDC):

Story sourced from local sources.

SERVUS!,  headquartered in Jasper, announced the sale of its Denny’s restaurant divisio which includes 20 restaurants.

Al Ruckriegel, local President of SERVUS! commented that they are a family company and it was very important as they considered potential purchasers to find a company that mirrored their core values. The new purchaser Top Line is owned by Tina and Glenn Beattie and has a proven track record with the Denny’s brand.

Previously, SERVUS! announced late last year the sale of Jasper 8 Theaters in Jasper, to North Park Cinemas, located in Evansville. It also announced the sale of its Grandy’s division to Nashville, Tennessee-based parent franchiser Grandy’s LLC . The company sold its 76 Long John Silver’s franchises in 2018.

SERVUS! owns 34 Wendy’s franchises in Indiana and Kentucky.