Exclusive Interview with Leah Koch Holiday World and Splashin’ Safari

Santa Claus IN (NNDC):

Due to the current pandemic, Holiday World, along with most other venues, is having to do a bit of restructuring and adjust to what will be the “new normal.” News Now had the opportunity to hold an Exclusive Zoom meeting with Leah Koch Director of Communications which you can view below. Special thanks to Leah and the entire Holiday World Team.

Please note that there a few audio issues with the interview so you might need to adjust sound, bit but it is still worth the time to watch. Leah explains how and when the Park will reopen as well as touch on some exciting new attractions in the works.

News Now will also be at the park on opening day, June 17 to video the first guests to enter for the season. We also covered the “Virtual Opening” which can be found on our site as well as at holidayworld.com.

Enjoy, The News Now Team:

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