Exclusive Interview Regarding Mid-States Corridor (Click icon for Video)

Southern Indiana (NNDC):


The Mid-States Corridor has been a long time coming and not surprisingly there are heated opinions on both sides of the issue. The corridor itself is intended to provide a much quicker and easier way to connect the southern half of the State to the North.

With any project this large, there is always heated debate and strong opinions on both sides of the issue. Consequently, the project team media spokesperson Mindy Peterson has afforded citizens the opportunity to obtain detailed material regarding the project as well as input forms and made them available at local libraries as well as online at Mid-States Corridor.com and she can be reached directly at mpeterson@midstatescorricor.com or 502-595-8704. Public input for this first phase is open until March 23rd with further opportunities later this year as planes move onto the next phase.


See Exclusive interview with Mindy below:

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